Linda Bernadette Bigbeaver mug shot

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Law enforcement took a report Wednesday of a woman who reportedly exposed herself in front of a minor.

Court documents say on Aug. 25, a Great Falls police officer took a report from a woman, her husband and their 15-year-old daughter regarding a woman named Linda Bigbeaver who reportedly tried to fight the caller and exposed herself in front of kids.

The officer learned that near the area of 15th St. and 8th Ave. N, Bigbeaver saw the woman waiting for her son to finish a fitness class.

Bigbeaver reportedly approached the woman and began trying to start a fight.

According to the woman, she got in her car to get away from Bigbeaver and yelled at her to go away and that there were kids in the area.

When the woman pulled out her phone and said she was calling the cops, documents say Bigbeaver responded by running across the street to the corner and exposing her breasts to the woman and her juvenile daughter.

Documents say the woman and Bigbeaver know each other, so she knew it was Bigbeaver who did these things.

When the woman’s husband was walking out with his son, he reportedly saw Bigbeaver on the street corner repeatedly pulling her shirt down to expose herself to them.

The man added he also saw Bigbeaver’s pants down around her knees as she was turning around, showing “everything off.”

The woman’s daughter reported she watched the whole incident and that she saw Bigbeaver “flashing” herself.

After Bigbeaver left, the woman spoke with another parent who saw the incident. The other parent said she saw Bigbeaver acting odd and yelling at the woman.

As the other parent noticed kids coming from the class, she reported she saw Bigbeaver pulling a white tank-top down, exposing her breasts to the public.

Linda Bernadette Bigbeaver has been charged with indecent exposure, minor.

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