Women's March takes Great Falls

GREAT FALLS- Throughout the nation, thousands of people today marched in the third annual Women's March. And this afternoon over 100 people showed up to do just that in Great Falls.

This entire protest was filled with raw emotion from women all asking for, justice and equality. Whether that's for Ashley Loring-Heavy Runner or fighting to make sure women are respected.

Women from inside and outside of the Electric City exclaimed pleads for change asking for simply, justice.

"I wanted to come for Ashley. And for all the other Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women because I don’t see many other people here for them. I just don't want people to forget about them, and I want them to be important, and I want them to matter. Everyone matters," said Sharon Sherman from Browning, MT.

Heavy Runner, just one example of many Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. And the public today is crying out for someone to please make sure justice is served for whoever is responsible for her vanishing from browning nearly 18 months ago.

"That needs to stop. Why is no one asking questions why that's continuing," said Emanuela Oxenford from Great Falls.

And some women, are marching so their little girl's don't have to face the harsh and evil realities of sex trafficking.

"I don't want to raise a daughter in a world where that's okay where every time you open the news there's a woman who's raped or murdered because men believe that were their property," said Oxenford.

However, these messages of change are heard and seen through the lens of our children.

"I think they should be treated respectfully, like how all women should be treated," said Deacon Whight, a sixth grader in Great Falls.

Women, men, and children all gathered here this afternoon so that today's America is an even better America come tomorrow.

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