JUDITH BASIN CO. - Crews continued tackling the Yogo Fire Saturday, keeping its growth to a minimum despite multiple Red Flag warnings featuring warm and dry conditions all week long. 


Different units adjusted throughout the day, moving strategically with a fourth warning, haze and nearly 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts in mind. 


“Those are pretty strong winds for our fire lines. So if we know the direction and the approximate time they’re coming in, then we can prepare and kind of get ahead of that.,” said Erin Fryer, the fire’s information officer. 


Helicopter drops and different units focused on preventing hotter hot spots from flaring up, like those east of Morris Creek. 


“They’ve been able to make a lot of progress and the fire really hasn’t seen a lot of growth, certainly from when [the fire] made its big run last weekend,” said Fryer.


Area closures, including Arch Trail and Bear Park, remain in effect as firefighting efforts go on, keeping visitors off trails and roads for everyone’s safety until further notice. 


“If the fire were to make a run, we want to be able to make sure that we don’t have anybody that’s caught in that. That’s one of the main reasons that we put those closures in place. It’s for [the public’s] and firefighters’ safety.”


Fryer says keeping travelers out of harm's way also allows crews to do their jobs safely and more efficiently. 


Those on site may see relief in the next couple of days, with a chance of rain or snow on the way. 


There’s been no reports of injuries or damage to structures from the Yogo Fire as of the writing of this article.

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