You Asked: What's the latest with the slaughterhouse?

GREAT FALLS- Our 2019 "You Asked" Campaign is in full swing. The philosophy is simple, you ask a question and we'll get it answered.

Tonight we get you caught up on a topic that has hit Cascade County with many questions is a slaughterhouse actually coming to Central Montana?

The question has become not when or if a slaughterhouse is coming to

Cascade County, but how can the public begin to voice their concerns or opinions about the actuality of one moving into town.

We asked Great Falls County Commissioner, Joe Briggs: Is a slaughterhouse coming to Great Falls?

His answer was simply, I don't know. But, he does know there's a public process between now and when county zoning regulations will be addressed. Meaning you, as a resident can go to the county website and look at the zoning regulations yourself. If you see something you'd like to change, you can either attend the public hearings or send in written testimony. You still have time to do so as the planning board isn't set to make final decisions until late April or May.

"It depends upon how much more input the planning board wants. There is no set date by which this needs to be finished. It will take however much time and however many public hearings are necessary to get good feedback on the proposals," said County Commissioner, Joe Briggs.

Briggs says nothing has changed with the permit that was put in about one year ago.

Since then, it's been put on hold by Friesen Foods, and nothing has else has been received. However, Friesen Foods may come in with a modified permit or a permit for a different facility, or they may not do anything. I do want to note, there are some things the commission can't change.

For example, they can't make anything illegal that is legal under state law.

Meaning if your solution is to outlaw a meat slaughterhouse, the commission says they can't legally do that.

We'll keep you updated on when those details on times and dates to the county meetings will be released.

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