You Asked: Where does state lottery money go?

We are continuing “You asked” and this week Chris asked us this question.

“I would like to know where the revenue from the Montana lottery goes and are public records available to see?”

Turns out the nearly 12.5 million dollars in revenue created from the Montana state lottery every year goes into the general fund for the state.

If the funds surpass a certain threshold, then the remainder of the money goes into science, technology, engineering, and math for public schools. But ultimately it's up to the lawmakers on where it goes.

“Our funds are generated for the common good of Montana and it's the legislature who decides how that is best used. It's the legislature who decides where our funding goes including how it goes into STEM,” said Jennifer McKee, communications director for the Montana State Lottery. 

Now to find out exactly how the money was spent each year you can find it in the Montana state code annotated.

Here is the link:

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