HELENA - It's a secret kept hidden in the South Hills of Helena for decades: who shot and killed a genuinely kind and well-liked young man from Townsend in 1969?

According to the Independent Record, on the morning of Sunday, September 7, 1969, two people returning from a hike in the hills south of the Capital City came across a grisly sight: a young man covered in blood and lifeless in his late-model car in an abandoned parking lot.

He had two gunshot wounds-- one to the head the other to his chest.

The deceased man was identified as Cleve Hal Harrigfeld, 19, from Townsend.

The death of Cleve is still a vivid memory today for his older brother, Mike Harrigfeld.

"It was a traumatic experience, because they showed us pictures of Cleve before they got him out of his car," Mike recalled emotionally. "I remember they handed me the picture and I looked at the picture and it just came out of my mouth and I said, 'Oh… Cleve!'"

Now, we may be closer to unraveling the secret of just who killed Cleve.

Along with Mike, Evening Anchor Angela Marshall speaks to current Lewis and Clark County Sheriff, Leo Dutton, who opens the case files and explains how officials believe Cleve died more than five decades ago.

"A Mischievous Joyride Turned Murder?: The 1969 Death of Cleve Harrigfeld" can be played here, or wherever you download and listen to your podcasts.

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