Nearly 40 Helena residents evacuated due to apartment fire

HELENA, Mont. - Nearly 40 residents were evacuated from an apartment fire in Helena early Tuesday morning.

The assistant fire chief of the Helena Fire Department, Mike Chambers, tells us the fire was reported at 2:12 a.m. and was located on 24 S Ewing Street.

According to Chambers, the fire was was burning heavy with a lot of flames, meaning someone likely left a door open to escape, feeding the fire oxygen. 

Firefighters were able to directly access the fire and put water on it.

Chambers said the firewalls helped contain the fire to where it started, and the fire may have blown the roof off if it weren't for the firewalls. 

No one was injured; however, about 40 residents were evacuated. 

Chambers advises people double-check their smoke detectors.

The fire remains under investigation. 

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