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HELENA- Boy Scout Troop 214 is looking for some gear taken from their storage shed.

According to the troop’s page, the following was taken and has yet to be found:

  • 13 pairs of snowshoes, some with red trim and some with orange. Each shoe has a metal plaque at the top with Troop 214 engraved on them. 
  • 3 Taurus 4 Outfitter tents, green and beige, in dark green bags, 8"x24", with Troop 214 written on the bags. 
  • 1 Kodiak tent, 10'x14', in a beige canvas bag 
  • 4 GGG Frog systems (climbing gear) 
  • 3 Petzl climbing helmets

Stolen from Cub Scouts:

  • 2 Camp Chef stoves with legs and 2 propane tanks.
  • 3 CCS silnylon green rainflies 
  • 1 tabletop silver and red camp stove 
  • 1 Alps Zephyr 2 person backpacking tent, brown 
  • 1 Alps Zephyr 3 backpacking tent, brown 
  • 2 Igloo 72 quart coolers, white with orange trim 
  • 1 Igloo 120 quart cooler, white 
  • 1 6' white folding table

Pictures of some missing items can be seen on the page here:

Please be on the lookout for these items, and likely other outdoor gear yet to be discovered. Someone stole them from...

Posted by Boy Scout Troop 214, Helena Montana on Friday, November 20, 2020

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