Carroll College ‘Marching Back’ to campus with plan to get students back in the classroom

HELENA – Students, staff and facility will see smaller class sizes this fall, extra spacing throughout campus and face masks must be worn in campus buildings at all times. This is all part of Carroll College Marching Back plan.  

With students arriving in less than a month, President John Cech says having an open campus this fall is vital to the educational value to the students, so they are committed to providing a safe learning environment for everyone.  

"It's really about creating a culture on campus, that's a culture of respect for each other,” says President Cech. “You wear a mask; I wear a mask; we're keeping each other safe. 

Carroll College says if a student tests positive for the virus, they have a space set aside for them and their close contacts to quarantine. President Cech says because some students on campus have already tested positive for the virus, it has allowed them to execute this plan already. 

"That's one of the benefits of Carroll College and just the sheer number of students that we have on campus and the residential facilities that we have on campus, is that we can provide the space to do that on campus,” says Cech. 

With the dynamic situation, the president says their polices and plans can and will be updated as more information becomes available.  

Dr. Cech says he and other staff members are discussing regulations and working to finalize a plan for student testing. For more information about the ‘Carroll College Marching Back’ plan you can click here.  

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