Christmas in the shape of Montana

HELENA – If you are looking for a Montana made gift, the Helena High School American Welding Society Club has made metal ornaments in time for the holiday season.  

The club is dedicated to the Helena community with service projects, and all the sales from the ornaments will help fund projects like these.  

The welding club has been making ornaments for about ten years now, and Mrs. Galbavy, the welding teacher at HHS, says the community is so wonderful and not only supports students at HHS, but students across the valley. And because of this Mrs. Galbavy wants to make sure her students learn how to give back.  

"The kids do not benefit from the money,” says Mrs. Galbavy. “They give right back into medical benefits, into local organizations across the community that need fundraising. So we are giving right back to the community.” 

Byren Stoner, the Vice President of AWS, says fundraisers like these not only help their club but the community as well.  

"It's kind of an everyone win situation,” says Stoner. “We are learning to build things like this, and we are benefiting from it and so is the community because the money goes back to them." 

The club normally makes snowflake ornaments, but this year they choose to make Montana made ornaments. In years past the have sold about 300 and this year they already have 480 orders, and Mrs. Galbavy says 550 will be their max number because they want to make sure they can get all of them made before the holidays start.  

Each ornament is $7 and if you are interested in getting one you are asked to contact Mrs. Galbavy at 324-2180 or

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