HELENA - The East Valley Fire Department responded to a structure fire at 9:15 a.m. The report said one resident was still in the home at the time of the fire.

Helena - While it might be too early for the Christmas decorations to come out, it's never too early for snow storms in big sky country.

HELENA - As the seasons start to change, so does some of the gear hunters will want to bring on their trip to make sure they stay safe.

HELENA - As wildfire season is coming to a close, so is the fire ban in Lewis and Clark County. After being in effect since late June, Sheriff Leo Dutton and other fire officials have come to the agreement to lift the ban. 

HELENA - Sheriff Leo Dutton has just returned from a weeklong horseback patrol in the Green Fork Cabin area. Dutton was accompanied by 2 executive staff members from the sheriff's office as well as two search and rescue team members.

HELENA - The Lewis and Clark flood mitigation project in front of Rossiter Elementary could cause some delays as kids start their first day of school. Once the project is finished, it will be beneficial to both the school and the community.

HELENA - One business in central Montana is leading the way in the fight to keep our nation secure. Pioneer Aerostructures is key to the development of the F-35 lightning, one of the military's stealthiest fighter jets.

HELENA - The Jeffries Creek fire broke out yesterday afternoon, fourteen miles north of Wolf Creek, burning nearly 80 acres in its fiery wake. The fire was slow moving at first, but picked up after a thunderstorm and high winds rolled through the night.

HELENA - a change in where you can smoke in public, is now impacting businesses after the county public health department passed a new resolution.

HELENA - A potential change in departments for the Helena civic center has some people worried. The center will now fall under parks and recreation and open lands department, causing concern over whether or not that department can provide the civic center the support it needs.

HELENA - With wildfire season well under way the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office gave some tips on what to expect if you are asked to evacuate. 

UPDATE: (AUGUST 1ST - 11:30AM) The Nevada Mountain fire has slowed down only burning 10 acers overnight. with a grand total of 60 acres.

 HELENA - A nationwide event is putting a smile on local kids faces and it doesn't take much to participate. Dairy queen is a children's miracle network partner of Shodair Children's Hospital and they dedicate this day to raise money and awareness for patients being treated at Shodair. One d…

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