Construction finishing up at East Helena High School

EAST HELENA – As construction wraps at the new East Helena High School, the celebration is on the back burner as students and teachers prepare for what will be a unique school year to say the least. 

"I can't concentrate on celebrating the new high school because we are so busy worrying about how to deal with our kids and keep them as healthy as possible,” says Ron Whitmoyer, East Helena Public Schools Superintendent. 

With the first day of school just weeks away, the school district is still working on finalizing their plans this fall. Although East Helena might be smaller than other school districts across the state, they are still facing the same challenges of trying to keep everyone as safe as possible.  

"We're trying to operate our system in this cohort manner that prevents the mingling of kids,” says Whitmoyer. “We are hoping that can minimize our problems.” 

Right now, the school district is working on how to reduce the number of children on the bus, so they are asking parents to carpool or take their child to school. 

"We are asking parents to help us out by finding other ways to transport their kids to and from school, that are within a short distance of the school buildings,” says Whitmoyer. 

Students will be required to wear a face mask while in the classroom.  

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