COVID-19 outbreak reported in Lewis & Clark County Detention Center

HELENA – Right now, four inmates inside the jail have tested positive, along with six staff members who are all currently under isolation.  

Since the outbreak, both inmate pods that were exposed are currently under lockdown. Right now, the sheriff’s department is working with the county attorney’s office and court services on the best ways to keep consistent  communication, while also taking all the proper precautions. 

"Some of these inmates need to appear for court so we are working through that on how to make sure they know if the person has been exposed or how to keep them safe,” says Sheriff Leo Dutton. “So, we're working through that." 

All staff members are required to wear a mask inside the detention center, and inmates have been asked to wear them as well. 

"We have offered masks to all inmates and some have taken them and some have not,” says Sheriff Dutton. “Those that have not, that's their choice, and we would need a court order to make them wear a mask in a jail." 

Right now, there is no in-person visitation aloud at the detention center, but the county is currently working on a video visitation system. 

The jail is still going through some renovations and those have been halted to keep everyone safe during the outbreak.  

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