HELENA, Mont. - The 11th annual support our girls event takes place, tomorrow night, Thursday, September 8. Florence Crittenton has been helping young families in need for over a century, and as time goes on, they continue to adjust their approach.

In 1896, due to the death of his five-year-old daughter, Charles Crittenton brought the idea of extra support for women and their young children to Montana; he vowed to donate $500 to any business that would support the cause.

"It's a great point, and I’m so glad you asked that because I think that is one of the pieces that has made this organization have longevity. The core mission of serving our state and community's most vulnerable people, which is young women and children, and that really hasn't changed,” said Krepps.

Florence Crittenton offers several services to broken or foundationless families in order to get them back on their feet. Parents can take classes on how to properly parent and for the kids, they offer preschool.

Charles set his plan up for success from day one, having a firm idea of what he wanted to do, while leaving the method of how to implement those practices up to the professionals.

"Allowing from the very day this place was opened for the mission to be solid, but the method to be flexible; I would want to thank him. I think he was brilliant, I think he was a genius, and far beyond his years in understanding how that works, so I would just want to thank him for that opportunity," said Krepps.

Even though tomorrow’s event is completely booked, you can still find donation opportunities, as well as volunteer opportunities, on their website, which you can find here. 

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