National Guard coronavirus

HELENA- Two military-grade tents were purchased by Lewis and Clark County for homeless people that test positive for COVID-19 and need an isolation shelter.

The tents, called “Temper Tents”, are made out of military-grade vinyl, measure 16 feet by 48 feet, and are designed for cold weather according to a release from Lewis and Clark County.

Members of the Fort Harrison Montana National Guard helped the Lewis and Clark County Disaster and Emergency Services set up the tents at the fairgrounds Friday.

Dividers, cots and other amenities to make those using the tents comfortable will be set up and will stay up as long as necessary. 

The tents will also be available in the event of other emergencies or disasters.

“As a community, we have been working on and have had in place various options for housing vulnerable populations that may contract COVID-19,” said Lewis and Clark County DES Coordinator Reese Martin. “This was a creative solution with longer term viability for the homeless population and we’re grateful to be able to get these set up and ready should they be necessary.”

The county purchased the tents and will seek reimbursement from the CARES Act.

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