HELENA, Mont. -- Lots of helping hands and thousands of dollars in donations are all part of the massive response for dozens of neglected horses seized from a ranch in the northern part of the Helena Valley. 

Most of the donations for the horses have actually come from outside Lewis and Clark County, but the Sheriff's office is still in need of more supplies.

At the County Fairgrounds, volunteers have been helping care for the horses since they arrived. While the operators of the grounds themselves have donated the space typically used for rodeos to accommodate the horses, they will soon need the space back as they get ready for a busy summer. As the Sheriff's office gets ready to move the horses, they want Montanans to know they still need additional volunteers.

"We have started trying to see exactly what resources we need in terms of panels as well,” Alexa Noruk, who is helping with the county’s response to the situation, said.

“We will have to sort of build a secondary location, and people have been dropping off whatever panels they're not using. So again, those are things that, you know whatever people have on hand that they're willing to offer up because they know how important this is."

Capt. Alan Hughes says additional volunteers are urged to come help if they can, but he wants people to know these horses are still getting accustomed to being cared for by humans. Training is available for volunteers as they step up to help.

As far as donations, there are two ways you can donate money to the cause. There is a fund set up at Opportunity Bank under the name “Lewis and Clark County Horse Rescue”, and there is a Venmo account you can donate to as well (@lccountysheriff).

In terms of supplies, they need hay bales to help nourish these horses back to full health, and they also need panels as they get ready to move the horses to a secondary site.  We'll continue to keep you updated on the fundraising efforts both on-air and online.


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