FWP encouraging hunters to use web resources to help slow the spread of COVID-19
HELENA – Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is encouraging hunters to get their Block Management Area Access Guide online to reduce the number of people coming into the office.  

FWP says using their website will allow hunters to have instance access to the Access Guide and up-to-date BMA maps and rules for every individual BMA enrolled in the program. The online resources will also give hunters the latest information on restrictions and closures.  

"All the individual property maps, we have a big access guide booklet that has everything to and all that's available online,” says Jason Kool, Hunting Access Bureau Chief, FWP. How to obtain permission, how to know what the rules are, where to go. Everything is on those individual property maps." 

Hunters may also obtain individual BMA maps at permission sign-in boxes, or via phone, mail or email request to FWP by contacting their regional hunting access coordinator.  

"All of those individual property maps are all georeferenced pdf's, meaning that it will actually show you where you are at on the map if you use a pdf reader, says Kool. “They will actually act as your GPS unit and they will show you where to go and where you're at on the map without actually having to have a hand held GPS." 

Something else hunters should take note of for this year, is BMAs that take reservations may have varying dates for taking hunter reservations. Reservations cannot start before Aug. 22, but some will be scattered throughout the season to better accommodate hunter demands. 

"The access guide itself, as well as all the individual property maps will tell hunters when to make a reservation and what numbers to call and what they need to know prior to hitting the field,” says Kool. 

FWP officers are currently open for walk-ins. If you would like more information on the BMA map request form you can do so by clicking here.  

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