General election to be done by mail in Lewis & Clark County
HELENA – Voters in Lewis and Clark County will receive their ballots by mail for the November general election, as county commissioners voted unanimously on the resolution.  

This doesn’t mean this is the only way you can vote in November. Election offices will open starting Friday, October 2nd to vote in person, and mail-in ballots will be sent out on Friday, October 9th.  

Election officials say they have gained experience from the primary election and other mail-in ballot elections, which helps make the process a little smoother.  

"Primary elections are usually lower turnouts than general so it's good that we have that experience recently and we are ready to build on that to make sure we have the staff to keep up with voter needs and to get results reported in a timely manner,” says Audrey McCue, Lewis and Clark County Elections Supervisor.  

Nearly 75 percent of registered voters in Lewis and Clark County are already absentee voters, which gives election officials the ability to scale for this upcoming election.  

"We already know most of the votes cast in a presidential election are going to be the absentee ballots, so we have those processes in place to keep up with that,” says McCue. 

The county’s next steps will be ordering ballots and envelopes and notifying voters about what they need to know.  

Cascade County is also pushing for mail-in ballots, that decision will be made in Tuesday’s county commission meeting. Both Missoula and Lewis and Clark county voted to conduct their elections by mail.  

If you would like to find out more information on how to vote you can do so by clicking here. 

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