Grizzly bear

National Park Service

OVANDO, Mont. - A grizzly bear was captured and relocated Sept. 2 after repeatedly searching for food in the Ovando area.

According to a release from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, the 211-pound female grizzly bear kept coming back to an abandoned shed looking for grain and horse food. 

Wildlife officials captured the bear and relocated it to the north side of the Rattlesnake Wilderness in the same day.

FMP said there were no previous issues of conflict with this bear. 

FWP said bears become more active in the fall as hibernation approaches in the winter; thus, issues arise with bears getting into livestock feed and garbage.

To prevent issues regarding bears, FWP advises the public to do the following:

  • Bring bear spray and know how to use it
  • Do not feed wildlife, especially bears. Feeding bears is illegal in Montana
  • Know the distinction between black bears and grizzly bears
  • Remain a safe distance away from wildlife, and do not purposefully get close to a bear
  • Make loud noises to deter bears from private property
  • Install an electric fence to protect resources such as beehives, garbage or small livestock from bears

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