Bill proposed to remove grizzlies from endangered species list

AVON, Mont. - A male grizzly bear in the Ophir Creek area northeast of Avon was captured and moved by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks wildlife specialists.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) says several grizzly bears have been confirmed in the immediate area of Avon over the last month in close proximity to cattle calving grounds on local ranches.

In early April, a grizzly reportedly killed a yearling cow in the vicinity, and bears have continued to stay in the area since.

The relocated bear was moved out of the immediate area as a measure to help prevent further livestock loss during the spring calving season. 

Wildlife specialists took the 429-pound male to a more remote area in the upper Blackfoot Valley.

At this time other grizzly bears are in the immediate area, and FWP is working with local ranches to help secure livestock and other attractants.

“Producers can reduce the risk of depredation by electric fencing small calving pastures, pens, and corrals. Distributing livestock away from brushy cover and creeks during the spring and summer when bears frequently travel along these areas can also help,” FWP wrote in a release. “Additionally, putting salt, mineral, and creep feeders out in the open away from brush and water can prevent problems. Removing or electric fencing bone piles can also prevent bears from being drawn in near homes and herds.”

Attractants in and around towns include other things like pet food, garbage, barbecue grills and bird feeders. FWP recommends these items be secured to prevent attracting wandering bears.

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