Hand-me-down helps Lincoln Volunteer Fire Rescue

LINCOLN – Lincoln Volunteer Fire Rescue has added some new additions to their fleet thanks to some hand-me-downs from the Helena Fire Department.  

They received a rescue response truck, winch, generator and tons of room.  

The Lincoln Fire Department says they now can save their pumper from freezing in the cold weather, when they don’t need it on wrecks and rescues. Zach Muse, the Fire Chief, says the more tools they have in their toolbox the better they can serve the community.  

"It really takes a huge load off of our finances and us trying to have to get those,” says Muse. “It benefits not just our community but the people traveling through and the surrounding communities as well." 

He went on to say this new truck will enable them to get to someone in need faster. This will allow them to have enough room to bring everything they need in one vehicle for certain calls which they couldn’t do before.  

"We didn't have room for the water rescue,” says Muse. “We didn't have room for the hazmat and everything. So, when we would get a call, we would kind of have to look and determine what we needed. We'd have to look on the shelves and hopefully not forget that item." 

The truck is ready to roll, and luckily, they have not used their new rig yet, but they are in the process of getting new tires and a radio system put in.  

This isn’t the first time the Lincoln Fire Department has received a hand-me-down, but they have also returned the favor to other departments as well. Muse says it's nice to know that they are getting help and passing it on.

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