Helena business helping reduce spread of COVID-19

HELENA – One Helena business is thinking of creative ways to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Cutting Edge Laser Works, is now making keychains to help minimize the touch of things like public doors and buttons on keypads.  

Jennifer Utick, Sean Buchanan, and Steve Utick are owners of Cutting Edge Laser Works and got the idea from a friend and turned it into a reality. They are made out of acrylic so they can be sanitized. They say this is a great way to use their unique skills and also help the community stay safe.  

Helena business helping reduce spread of COVID-19

"As businesses start to open back up, everyone is still cautious and trying to be as safe as they can,” says Utick. “This is another way you can try to be as safe as possible. The less we touch things and the less we spread the germs around the more they can get this under control and we can get back to somewhat of a new normal." 

They have also donated their time to cut out a bunch of fabric to help make cloth masks and other personal protective equipment. Right now, the key chains are selling for $10 each.  

If you are interested or would like to find out more information you can click here or call 406-351-0393. The online store can be found here.

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