Helena Food Share participating in Farmers to Families Food Box Program

HELENA – The Helena Food Share is participating in the Farmers to Families Food Boxes Program. On Tuesday, May 26th, they will be handing out fresh produce boxes from 2 – 6 p.m. to anyone in the community who needs food support.  

Each food box will have 25 pounds of produce grown by U.S. farmers, including potatoes, yellow onions, apples, oranges, yams, stone fruits such as peaches and plums, romaine hearts, strawberries, broccoli, carrots, and bell peppers. 

The Farmers to Families Food Box is a Program run by the USDA that gives boxes of fresh products to food banks and other nonprofits serving people in need right now. This program is providing relief to farmers and local food banks across the country, by allowing them to work together to help those who might be struggling.  

"We saw this as an opportunity to use the food available that otherwise might be going unused and that people in our community have a need for that food,” says Bruce Day, Executive Director of Helena Food Share. “So we're just happy that we're able to be the venue, or the place, the way of getting that food that's available to people in our community" 

The Food Box Program will continue weekly over the next six months, and is available to anyone in the community who is needing food support, and there is no previous registration required.  

Right now, the Helena Food Share is encouraging anyone in need of food support to stop by. Nonprofit organizations serving people in the community may also serve these boxes. 

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