HELENA- Helena Public Schools are making some changes to spectator passes for in town participants and visiting participants.

Starting with the Crosstown JV soccer matches, all in town participants will continue to be provided with two spectator passes, which are now transferable to any immediate family member.

One spectator pass will also be available for each visiting participant.

Helena Public Schools says they are committed to continual improvement in every regard, including revisiting their plans for athletic/activity events to ensure they are constantly considering needed changes as the ongoing pandemic continues.

“These passes will allow a limited number of visiting spectators while ensuring that we remain at/below 250 total spectators limit,” HPS wrote.

Guests from out of town will be asked to socially distance, wear appropriate face coverings and leave the facility at the end of their participant’s activity.

Pass lists will need to be provided by visiting teams before any out of town fan admission to a Helena school activity.

“With this change, we expect that we will be at capacity for spectators with up to 250 spectators accounted for in association with events,” HPS wrote.

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