Helena Fire Department

HELENA- A wildland engine and crew of three from the Helena Fire Department will be deployed to California this week.

The crew will be deployed for a standard 14-day assignment with additional days for travel, as well as any additional medical testing or quarantine upon their return. 

The deployment comes at the request of Montana Disaster and Emergency Services through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC).  

“Sending resources to assist our neighbors in California is not unlike assisting our neighbors locally and vice versa,” Fire Chief Ken Wood said. “It is very common for firefighting resources from California to be deployed to regions in Montana when there is need. When possible, we feel it is important to reciprocate and show our support when they are in need.” 

The crew from Helena will be assigned to South Operations of California and will be part of two task forces en route from Montana according to a release from the City of Helena.

Their exact assignment location is yet to be determined but will be based on specific needs within the area of operations. 

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