HELENA, Mont. - The Hope Center Ministries in Clancy is celebrating one year of helping people struggling with addictions, and forever changing their lives, and they are doing so tonight at their annual gala.

Tonight, HCM welcomed anyone who needs help with addiction, and with open arms because they don't want families to continue to wonder, what could have been.

Their women's center in Clancy offers a three-phase program to help those struggling with substance abuse. The program lasts about 8 to 12 weeks long. I spoke with one current resident about what helps her push through to tough moments of her rehab. 

"My oldest daughter, just hearing her say, she's 19 and in her second year of college, just hearing her say I'm proud of you mom," said Brittani Lay. 

And Carolyn Belling, HCM's Clancy director, who has beat addiction herself, told me just how far they take the residents before sending them off.

"They save up all the money they earn in phase three and they go through a financial management class. So by the time they graduate they're set up to live independently, they've got a job, they've got a down payment on a place to live, and it really sets them up for success," said Belling. 

And in a perfect Veteran’s Day tribute, Navy veteran Laura Pickett is one of several alumni set to speak here tonight about how h-c-m saved her life. She finished going through the 8-month program recently, and is a living example of what Belling thinks is the most important step of this process.

"Which is just so important in many recovery programs, but ours included, is giving back. And that's kind of the biggest difference, you know, they really just stay involved and help the next one," said Belling. 

if you will missed Thursday night's event and want to help, Hope Center Ministries will host a similar event on Facebook live the evening of Dec. 10. They also offer opportunities to help on their website.

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