How legislators coming to Helena affects your Friday night dinner plans

HELENA – With over 100 legislators and their staff taking over the Capital City this week, what does that mean for your Friday night dinner plans. 

Steve’s Café is a pretty iconic breakfast place in Helena, and they say since the legislators have been back in town the lines have been out the door and that’s pretty true for other restaurants throughout the Helena area during Legislative Week.  

Steven Vincelli, Owner of Steve’s Café, says they normally see an uptick in sales when lawmakers come to town, but this week didn’t come as a shock to the staff.  

"I was actually prepared for this. This was something I heard about and said, 'oh we're set.' I was just going to increase a server here, increase a cook here and we will be fine," says Vincelli. 

So what does that mean for you at home here in Helena with the legislative staff coming back to the Capital City for the week? Well, it means lawmakers will probably be visiting some of your favorite places to eat, so you might have to make a reservation if you want to go out to dinner on Friday night.  

We also spoke to On Broadway, another popular dinner spot in Helena, and they say they are normally packed on Friday and Saturday nights, and they do see a few lawmakers come in and out for dinner, but they say normally on the weekends if you want to make sure to get in quickly to be there by 4:30. 

Now there are two Steve’s Café locations in Helena, and Steve says the location off of Montana Ave has been the busiest this week, with it being so close to the Capitol Building. He also said it has been nice to see an uptick in sales, but sometimes with the start of the sub-zero temperatures it can affect some customers coming in.  

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