How Lewis & Clark County is protecting inmates from COVID-19

HELENA - Right now, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the Lewis and Clark County Detention Center, however, Sheriff Leo Dutton says he does have a plan ready if an outbreak occurs.  

The county has certain spaces and locations for inmates to go and isolate if they do test positive. Sheriff Dutton says Lewis and Clark County’s smaller size has been helpful when it comes to keeping inmates socially distant.  

"It's not that we're totally immune to it, we are working very hard,” says Sheriff Dutton. “It's just the other places have three times the amount of people we do. It's not that we're anything special we just don't have the volume they're dealing with." 

The county is working on keeping inmates within the same pod or group to help limit exposure to others.  

"It's when you introduce someone new to that area and we are trying to control that, of where we put new people and who bring in,” says Dutton. “We don't bring as much as we use to, we are controlling that and so far, it's working." 

New inmates coming into the detention center will be screened and temperature checked at the door. If an inmate has been exposed, the county has been working closely with St. Peter’s Health to get them tested and to follow the proper protocols.  

"It's a lot of work. Cleaning surfaces and all those kinds of things. But it's been a rewarding effort because we have been blessed so far,” says Sheriff Dutton. 

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