Isabella Keeps Fighting

HELENA, Mont. - A girl named Isabella is fighting to keep vision in her left eye, but it isn’t the only thing she’s had to fight in her life.

Isabella Price turns seven next month and has spent her life fighting whatever obstacles have come her first, it was cancer, and now the next challenge is losing sight from her left eye.

Doctors recently found out the nerves connecting her eye to her brain are dead. They are traveling to Missoula next month to get more scans done, but they have already found concerning markings from an MRI of her brain as well.

For a family of six, they already have their own challenges, and unfortunately helping Isabella fight her battles only adds to a mother's stress. Through it all, Isabella tries to keep her head up and stay optimistic.

"She's a very spunky, happy, goofy girl, and doesn't let her -- none of this like makes her stop being herself," Rachel Price, Isabella’s mother, said.

They moved to Helena from Bozeman in January, and price says a lot of the community support they have received has come from both places as well as anonymously. Isabella needs special glasses to protect her one good eye, but her mother says insurance does not cover it.

Right now, they have raised just under $700, and every cent counts as they try to help Isabella. For the link to Isabella's go-fund-me page, click here.


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