Last Chance Tour trains reopen, full steam ahead

HELENA, Mont. -- The Last Chance Train Tours are officially reopening this week.

The tours are operating again at full capacity for the first time since 2019. They start from the Montana Historical Society right across from the Capitol and leave at 11 am and 3 pm each day.

They lap around Helena, showing folks everything from the Cathedral to the Old Fire Tower, and the downtown walking mall area. I spoke with Lee Holmes, who operates the trains, about what has kept him coming back for almost half a century.

"It’s the people. They come, they are on vacation, they want to have fun, and we want to make sure they have fun,” Holmes said. “And that was our policy last year, we didn't talk about COVID, we talked about Montana and its history and the fun we have on the train. It was a swear word if you said COVID around us last year."

Right now, they are operating two tours a day and will operate additional tours as the summer goes on and things get busier.

Holmes says last summer they were only allowed to have 50 percent capacity on the trains but is already expecting to have fully packed trains four times a day in July and August.

More information about how you can get on a Last Chance Tour train is available here.


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