Lewis & Clark County Jail renovations wrapping up
HELENA – Right now construction is finishing up at the Lewis and Clark County Detention Center, which began back in March of 2019.  

Throughout the year and half project, crews have transformed all three floors which will make more room for booking and processing, visitation and director supervision.  

"There is a dramatic feeling from the upstairs, where we're currently at, to down here now,” says Alan Hughes, Captain of the Lewis & Clark County Detention Center. “Just walking around and feeling the amount of space. It's just an all-round better feeling for the staff." 

Expanding the detention center will provide the county with the opportunity to have over 150 beds, and implement new programs to rehabilitate the inmates.  

"Those are the types of classes that will help people, in the long run, make themselves better,” says Captain Hughes. “If they were missing out on something like that in their childhood, in growing up, then hopefully we can help supply that so they don't come back to jail." 

Sheriff Leo Dutton says this expansion project will provide law enforcement with a safer place to work. It will also help with current jail overcrowding issues. But ultimately it will help the community stay safe by being able to keep more criminals off of the streets. 

"We can bring people into jail that need to be here, and we can help them begin to work through the system,” says Sheriff Dutton. “Either help them get to the court or maybe it's a mental health issue, maybe it's even just getting their G.E.D. while they wait to go through the system." 

The detention center won’t be fully operational until October.  

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