Local business donating supplies to elderly

HELENA - While supplies, particularly toilet paper, appear to be flying off of the shelves in grocery stores across the state, one company in Helena is doing their part to make sure people who can't afford disinfectants and other toiletries, are taken care of.  

This morning, business owner Shawn Duncan and his son started collecting donations. He says with the elderly community being at high risk, it's important to help those who can't help themselves, and get them the supplies they need. 

"It's way important because they're the ones that built our country," says Duncan, Owner of Duncan Flooring and Remodeling. "Everyone 70 and older are the ones why our country is what it is. There would be no industry and no trades if weren't for them. We got to look out for them." 

Duncan Flooring and Remodeling will be collecting and donating supplies throughout the rest of the weekend. If you need supplies or know someone who needs them you are asked to please call 406-594-2874 or 406-461-2280. 

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