Lyndale-Montana Ave Sidewalk Project expected to wrap up in September
HELENA – This nearly one-mile project will run along Lyndale Avenue between Last Chance Gulch and Helena Avenue, and on Montana Avenue between Helena Avenue and 12th Avenue.  

Sidewalks will now be ADA compliant and there will be upgrades to some of the electrical equipment.  

"These upgrades vary by intersection. In some intersections, we're adding new pedestrian pushbuttons,” says Camaree Uljua, Engineer and Project Manager for the Helena Area. “These will have an audio cue, so users that may have vision impairments know when it's safe to cross." 

Drivers will also see some changes with extra traffic signals. 

"Some of the intersections are getting new signal heads that will have a flashing yellow arrow, and that will indicate that it's safe to turn when there's an appropriate gap in traffic,” says Uljua. “That should help traffic move a little more smoothly." 

Commuters can expect traffic to change around August when parts of the project are complete. 

"Once we switch over to the east side of Montana Ave the traffic will be closed off in the driving lane on the east side and we will be shifting people over into the passing lane,” says Uljua. 

MDT asks drivers to please be vigilant when driving through work zones, pay attention to signs and slow down.  

MDT says this project should be wrapping up sometime in September. To keep up with the latest information on the project you can click here.  

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