Mountain lion

Cropped Photo: Sawtooth / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0 / MGN

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HELENA, Mont. - There was a possible mountain lion sighting in Helena early Thursday morning, police said.

According to a release from the Helena Police Department, the reported sighting was near Knight Street and Joselyn Avenue.

HPD and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks responded to the report.

There have not been any other sightings reported since this morning.

HPD reminds the public to stay cautious and alert in this area.

The National Parks Service offers the following advice in the event of a mountain lion encounter:

  • Do not approach a mountain lion
  • Do not run away from a mountain lion
  • Do not hunch down or lean over
  • Do everything possible to appear bigger
  • Fight back if charged

Anyone who sees a mountain lion should immediately report it to HPD or Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

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