Mowing weeds for donations for Toys for Tots

HELENA – Howard Mears is helping spread Christmas cheer all year long by mowing weeds for donations for Toys for Tots.  

This will be his fourth-year mowing weeds and each year donations have grown. Howard says no donation is to small and asks that you be as generous as you are able. Toys for Tots distributed over 13,000 toys last year and is expecting that demand to go up after the COVID-19 pandemic. Howard says spreading Christmas cheer all year long is completely worth it knowing you are putting a smile on a child’s face.  

"I can tell by the expressions of gratitude on their face that it makes a difference to them as parents and grandparents so I know it's making a difference to the kids in their lives,” says Mears. “So that's what we do it for, is for the kids." 

Howard says his goal for this year is to raise $10,000 for Toys for Tots and right now he has raised about $1,800.  

Howard is also looking for any other retired veterans who want to come out and help. If you are interested in having your weeds mowed you can contact Howard at 406-461-5302. If you would like to find out more information or make a donation you can click here. 

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