New hay maze open in Helena

HELENA – Helena's first hay maze is open to the public, but it's also benefiting local athletes in the Capital City.  

Bekka Cantrell, one of the owners of Sussex Construction, wanted to make the Parade of Homes a more exciting and community event this year. She thought it would be fun to make something like a hay maze, because she says she has never seen anything like it in Helena in the 20 years she has been here. 

Knowing this would be a huge task to take on, Bekka reached out to the Queen City Football Club for some help. She made one phone call and says they were all in. They spent two evenings in August setting up nearly 2,000 hay bales and built the maze.  

"It was just so much fun,” says Cantrell. “I thought it would take so much longer to build this maze, but because they're such a great club they have so much energy and they're all in. It was just done in no time." 

James Johnston, with Queen City Football, says it was a great fit to go hand in hand with partners like Sussex Construction who go above and beyond in the community to make it a better place.  

"We just felt that when you have people who do things like that, that you have to support them,” says Johnston, the Executive Director and Founder of Queen City Football Club. You have to get behind it and do whatever it takes to make our community better for everyone in it." 

The maze is appropriate for all ages. They said the maze is a 6 out of 10 in difficulty so everyone can participate. Grab your family and some friends and find your way through the maze. There are also games, activities and fall treats. 

They are hoping to make this an annual event and depending on the community support they get; Queen City is contemplating a haunted hay maze on Halloween night. The maze will be open on the weekends and you click here to find more information on dates and times. 

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