Republican Leaders create #STARTMontana to reopen state

HELENA – START Montana (Strategy To Activate a Real Transition) is a strategy run by republican leaders, based on how they think the state should begin the transition to reopen.  

Right now, republican leadership says the Governor’s Office has not let them be involved with the process of reopening the state, and they want to have a seat at the table to talk about what needs to be done to help reactivate the economy.  

"We figured that there was a need for us, to attempt to put together a strategy that would allow people in Montana who are frustrated or angry or disappointed or concerned in some way to be able to give us their ideas of what needs to be done to reactivate Montana," says Rep. Brad Tschida, House Majority Leader.  

There is a Facebook page for people to express their concerns, frustrations, and tell their stories.  

"We wanted to give them a venue to give us ideas on what we can do to reactivate the economy, because the more minds you have the better the ideas are going to be, I believe," says Rep. Brad Tschida. 

Right now, the START Montana Facebook page has posts from numerous legislators and business owners from around the state who want the economy to reopen. But democrats say without Governor Bullock’s leadership, we wouldn’t even be having the conversation about opening up the economy right now. 

"What they're asking for is something we're already on the path to,” says Sandi Luckey, Executive Director, Montana Democrats. “It just has to be done in a cautious way so that we don't end up triggering more people being sick or heaven forbid a scenario where we have to close back down." 

If you would like to take a look at the START Montana Facebook you can do so by clicking here. Or if you would like to reach out to your legislator you can find their information by clicking here.  

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