Symphony Under the Stars returns to Helena

HELENA, Mont. -- This weekend, Helena is welcoming back Symphony Under the Stars, which is expected to bring over 16,000 people to the Capitol City. 

In terms of logistics, the concert will start at 8:30, and organizers are going with a "Totally Awesome 80's" theme. The concert is free of charge if you want to attend, but to save a spot; you can put your blanket down as early as 3 pm Friday with a $5 donation to the Helena Boy Scouts.

As for the concert being back, we spoke with the symphony's conductor and music director, who says the economic impact from the event ties into how important of a community event this has become.

"I think there's going to be this sense of how much we probably have taken things for granted,” Maestro Allan R. Scott said.

“We all have been, whether its dinners with our parents or friends or just being together, there's that sense...and music, in and of itself, is the relationship between the person that wrote the music and those performing it, and ultimately those listening and receiving it."

Organizers are asking you not to put anything on the lawn aside from the blanket itself. That includes anything from plastic tarps to tents to rocks and other items that can ruin the grass. The grounds themselves are closed until 5pm Friday. If you have other questions, call 406-442-1860 or visit the FAQ page on the concert’s website here


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