The Unsolved Murder of a Businessman Slain

Israel Goss's saw and knife sharpening shop on Euclid Avenue in Helena. Photo Courtesy: Independent Record

HELENA - What began as a mundane day in March of 1974 turned out to be anything but when two Helena men made a horrific discovery.

And that's the focus of this week's 'Montana Murder Mysteries' podcast.

Concerned about the welfare of their friend, 61-year-old Israel Goss, they found the hard-working and well-to-do business owner lying facedown on the floor of his saw and knife sharpening shop on Euclid Avenue in Helena.

Blood everywhere. His head smashed in from several hard blows from a hammer. His throat slit.

The humble man, at first sight, had been murdered with his own tools.

And the killing of Goss has remained unsolved ever since, at least to members of this Montana community.

Hosts Angela Marshall and Blake Simonson go into detail about the day Goss was murdered, the investigation into his death and how the mere mention of his name led to the release of one state prison inmate and the closure of a newly-opened half-way house in Helena.

"The Unsolved Murder of a Businessman Slain" is available here or wherever you subscribe to and download your podcasts.

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