HELENA - The Lewis and Clark County Health Department reported that a toxic, blue-green algae has been found at White Sandy Beach on Hauser Lake.

Although the algae appears every year, health officials are saying it is not something to be taken lightly. Exposure to the algae can cause a variety of symptoms like a rash, skin irritation and hives. Depending on the severity of the toxins it can even be fatal. 

The algae grows in warmer water where there is an increase in nitrogen and phosphorus runoff from human activity. It appears as "pea soup", grass clippings, or green latex paint and appears on the surface of the water. There is nothing we can do to remove the algae once it appears other then let mother nature take its course.

Officials told me that if you happen to come in contact or ingest the blue and green algae to go to your health care provider where they can best asses you.


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