New information on an investigation we brought you exclusively Friday on Montana Right Now.

A Kallispell mother accused of preying on a local church’s faith and charity --- rallying to raise thousands of dollars in donations. Now, we’re learning how deep the deception may go, what the church is saying about it, and what else one woman is trying to learn by saying “Help Me Taylor.”

“During this last week I have had the heaviest heart I’ve ever had,” said Pastor Daniel Lambert. He leads the congregation at Easthaven Baptist Church. He also had been leading the church’s mission to help Amy Glanville.

“We certainly ask you to continue to pray for Amy and for the kids as our family tries to care for them.”

Sunday, Pastor Daniel returned to the pulpit after a sabbatical to address the congregation after the bombshell revelation earlier this month.

“None of us could have ever imagined that everything was being made up… three separate cell phones from three separate area codes all being registered to the same person, who was posing as those medical professionals.”

Amy built up trust in the church community… her diagnosis, miracle remission, the insertion of a pacemaker, and another miraculous recovery when it “disappeared” from her chest.

That’s when this woman reached out for help from Taylor.

“First miracle, like, maybe, cells can kind of disappear. Fine. But a device implanted into your body isn’t going to necessarily disappear.”

The pastor’s wife, Vicki, spoke Sunday as well, and said although Amy may have mislead them, the church still maintains faith in a higher power.

“So when I hear things said, well okay I might believe the first miracle, cells can do things with cancer, but I couldn’t believe the pacemaker… when I hear things like that, then you don’t believe in my God. Because my God can do those things.”

The woman who called me wants justice. So I turned to the Flathead Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Brian Heino says, “We see lots of cases of those who take money from business accounts, but this is probably the most… the first one that we’ve seen the use of GoFundMe accounts and different events with requests for donations.”

The sheriff told me they’ve been investigating since last February,  but up until about 30 days ago it was based mostly on hearsay and social media. Now, things are starting to pick up steam.

“You know I think if you were to jump to how many people donated to this, it wouldn’t just be the church. I think it would be a lot of different entities.”

As for how the church is moving forward, Pastor Lambert says, “I know because I am a couple weeks ahead of you, 3-4 weeks ahead of you in the journey. I know there are going to be pieces of this story that you just can’t seem to make fit in your mind. I got to tell you honestly, you don’t need to know all the details. I wouldn’t do that to you, because I love you.”

Vicky says, “Let’s be the church who leans to that rock. The rock of Jesus who is that cornerstone, we lean into him. I want us to look Satan in the face and say not today Satan, you will not win this battle today. Our God is bigger."

Now the chances of refunding people’s money doesn’t look too good at this point.  I did speak to an attorney here in Great Falls and he tells me that in most fraud cases, the money has already been spent.  So more witnesses including Amy and Pastor Daniel might have more information about where those donations are and if there is any money left.  However, the Sheriff tells me that many of these witnesses, including Amy, already have attorneys, so he’s having to coordinate with legal teams to set up these interviews. We can tell you the total amount donated appears to be much higher than we previously thought and from organizations from all across Kalispell.

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