Tonight, a warning from a Billings woman after she says multiple valuable packages and pieces of mail have been stolen right out of her mailbox. The most recent theft pushed her to reach out to us, with a case for Help Me Taylor.  

Kelly Brady lives in the Billings Heights area. She tells us she’s frustrated, and wants to warn others in the area of potential “porch pirates.”

The thefts have been happening for at least a month; the most recent grab was out of Kelly’s mailbox. Someone stole an insurance check and new license plates and tags for their vehicle.

Kelly says they’ve reported the thefts to police, and they’re looking into it, but in the meantime, a message for whoever’s involved.

“Just stop, if you really need something in Billings there’s a lot of other resources or you could also ask for help. You don’t have to steal from somebody.”

Moving forward, Kelly says they’re considering a few options, like getting a camera set up outside their home, and potentially even a locked mailbox. She just hopes everyone in the area stays aware this holiday season, to avoid what happened to her.

Taylor did reach out to the Montana Motor Vehicle Division after Kelly was told she would have to repurchase her tags and plates. Shortly after, Kelly was put in touch with a representative at the state level to help fix the mix up.

If you have a problem you need a solution to, reach out to Taylor. You can find her on Facebook or email her at

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