Ashamed, humiliated, and defeated. Those are the words Ahna Solley used to describe how she was feeling when she reached out to me, asking for help. What began as a simple update to her truck, turned into a $3,000 dollar headache.

"Just a total slap in the face."

Ahna bought the truck about three years ago... quite a bit of work was already done on it, including the addition of an after-market conversion kit that made the single wheel a dually.

2020 was supposed to be a pretty good year for her and her family. They worked hard, paid off most of their debt, and had one last thing to do on the truck before taking it on a much-anticipated family vacation: the tires.

“We've been to them before, bought [from] them, not a problem, and apparently it's a problem.”

There was a miscommunication, and the truck got a set of new tires that's too big for the rims. Ahna says she never asked for that size, the repair shop says she did, and it's not their responsibility to reimburse her.

“We feel so defeated, because she should be perfect she should be right... "

So now, Ahna is out over $3,000, and her beloved truck is running worse than it was before. So a warning for anyone working on their vehicle:

“Don't do anything until you have a signed estimate, paperwork.”

We decided not to name the auto repair shop Ahna first went to, because there’s no evidence right now that this has happened to anyone else. But I did speak to the owner about the situation. He says their top priority is keeping customers happy… and they tried several times to fix the issues Ahna is referring to, with no luck. He did leave us, though, with this piece of advice: if you have a single wheel truck, and want to make it a dually… don’t. Just trade it in, and save yourself the future headache.

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