"I was like in this little spot where I was protected"; Spokane woman uninjured after tree crashes onto home

SPOKANE, Wash. – While some are cleaning up debris and a few branches after Sunday’s windstorm, others are scrambling for a place to live. In North Spokane on Sanson, one massive tree did extensive damage to two homes.

“I was sitting on the couch talking to my son about the storm that was about to come,” Andrea McCray said.

And within moments, it arrived. And not just a little too close to Andrea’s home, but inside of it.

“About the time I said everything was okay, I heard this huge, huge boom,” she said. “I've never heard something so loud. And things started falling and breaking.”

She said panicked neighbors came to check it out.

“This gentleman who lives four blocks away came and was like, ‘I heard that. Are you okay?’”

Andrea says while she is okay physically, she’s still shaken up from the craziness of it all. She says the kitchen and dining area took the brunt of the damage. Just a few feet separating where she was sitting from the branches.

"I was like in this little spot where I was protected,” she said.

Andrea and her neighbor are both starting to find help for the extensive repairs and clean-up that are ahead. They say they frequently checked and tended to the trees.

She says the house has been in their family for about 20 years and they’ve never had a single issue, until Sunday.

“These trees were completely uprooted out of the ground,” she said.

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