IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A 23-year-old Idaho Falls man was arrested Thursday when he called the police department in an attempt to retrieve the handgun he is suspected of using to shoot someone in August. 

On the night of August 13, witnesses told police they saw someone pull out a gun and shoot someone during an argument in a group of people. Witnesses believed it was Christian Sanchez that did the shooting. 

When Sanchez was questioned, he denied involvement in the incident. Sanchez as brought into custody on a felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge.

Police obtained a video posted to social media in which 23-year-old Nikolaus Garcia took credit for the shooting. When questioned, Sanchez confirmed he was with Garcia but Garcia had not shot anyone.

Through further investigation, police were able to determine that Garcia was in fact the prime suspect and likely the shooter. 

On Thursday, the Idaho Falls Police Department answered a call from Garcia who wanted to come to the station and pick up his firearm that had been siezed as evidence. Police invited him to come to the station.

Detectives patrolled the walkway they believed Garcia would take, arresting him without incident. He was taken to Bonneville County Jail on felony aggravated battery with use of a deadly weapon. 

Sanchez had his charges amended to felony accessory to aggravated battery.

The victim of the shooting received treatment and was released from the hospital. 

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