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Eureka Public Schools will be open Friday.


EUREKA, Mont. - The Eureka Public School superintendent posted an update regarding the COVID-19 outbreak within the school district Wednesday.

The following is the Facebook post from superintendent Jim Mepham:

Covid Update Wednesday

School will be open tomorrow as of 6:30 tonight. If the status changes we will update by 7:00am. This is our current information for you to use for your personal decisions on attendance.
14 staff members isolated and several more recommended to be quarantined as close contacts.
16 Students isolated with Covid positive results.
3 Classrooms isolated by Health Department.
Several students pending notifications close contacts.
In addition at this time approximately:
70% of families with a choice attend school.
20% of families with a choice stay home.
10% don’t really have a choice (isolation).
This isn’t scientific data as some close contacts have a choice and some don’t, but it’s close.
The decision to stay open was based on the individual schools ability to run an effective school day and the communities choice to attend school. We also know that the number of Covid cases outside school in Lincoln County is very high and we know that the community is very polarized on this issue. At this time masks are available in every office but not required. As one of the Covid sick myself I would highly recommend masks. Masks are required on all buses both routes and activities (it’s a Federal mandate: complaints to Washington DC not this FB post).
Please realize that every staff member is either sick, quarantined, or overworked. We are all scared for ourselves, our families, our colleagues, our students, and our community. Several people have asked what they can do to help. My suggestions:
1. Be nice
2. Say thank you
3. Appreciate an overworked staff member. They all like coffee or Mtn Dew or Energy drinks, food, etc.
Any or all of the above would be appreciated .
Lastly, please be patient. Most staff members are doing their job and at least part of another. Sick and quarantined staff are contributing from home. Our first Covid positive staff is scheduled to return Friday and most by the middle of next week. We will continue to make daily decisions and please contact your child’s office with attendance information.

Jim Mepham, Superintendent

Eureka Public Schools

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