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EUREKA- Eureka Public Schools are moving to remote learning starting at the end of the day Wednesday, November 18.

“We understand the burdens and hardships this places on some families but we hope by doing this that when we re-open after thanksgiving that we may control Covid’s spread within our schools,” Superintendent, Jim Mepham wrote.

Mepham says the decision to move to remote learning was difficult, but the safety of staff and students is number one.

Several more cases of COIVD-19 were reported in the school community, and during the remote learning phase, staff will deep clean the buildings and busses.

Lunches are available for pickup by calling 212-8516.

If you have any questions, you can call 297-5660.

“We tried to stay open and feel very successful for the education we’ve had to this point,” Mepham wrote. “Please help us get through this next phase and hopefully we will have continued success this school year. Remember to wear masks, hand wash, social distance, do your assignments and be nice to your teachers.”

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