"We got out of car and looked onto the hill and by the time we looked up the flames were already in our back yard and we could see it creeping towards the house. And so, we stood right here and watched it go up into flames, that was the hard part, i couldn't watch, I had to leave,” said the Holetts.  

Since then, their days have been filled with finding somewhere else to go. 

"We're using this time like earlier today to find more long-term stay. The challenge right now is that it’s seasonal so we can find a place until summer but enthen you have to move again and so we're just trying to figure out where we can plant ourselves" said the Holetts. 

Although more challenges lay ahead, the ongoing support they're receiving from the community is what's keeping their spirits up.  

"That is what is getting us through it just the fact that people care, there are people that are worse than us... I mean we have neighbors who also had their houses burned and everybody had got a different situation, it's been amazing, it really has been,” said the Holetts. 

Keep in mind as the fire remains active in areas of the Flathead Valley, weather conditions could change, impacting the direction and containment of the Elmo fire. 

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