Reece Bailey

KALISPELL - With the Fourth of July right around the corner, getting fireworks is on a lot of people's mind, but for one stand owner, just being able to run his own firework stand is a big deal.

We checked in with Reece Bailey one year after a motorcycle accident that put him in the hospital and kept him from running his stand.

"I'm looking forward to an accident free summer this year," Reece Bailey said as he stocked his shelves with fireworks.

Bailey is back on his feet now and is excited about selling fireworks. But just last year bailey wasn't in his stand he was in the hospital.

"I spent a month and a half pretty much in the house healing then I started with a physical therapist here in the valley strengthening my leg and getting back to where I am now," Bailey said.

He says he would never be here without his friends.

"I'm just blessed to have such great community here in the Mission Valley." Bailey said, "All my friends who got behind me and ran the stand for me."

While bailey is excited to open and run his stand by himself this year, there is one thing he isn't rushing back to.

"I haven't gotten brave enough to get back on a motorcycle yet.  I'm not sure when that is going to happen if ever but I'm looking forward to a fun summer and catching up on the things is missed out on last summer," Bailey said.

Bailey's firework stand is located at Ninepipes Lodge just north of St Ignatius on highway 93.

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