Have you ever dreamed of having property on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park? Well that dream could be a reality.

GNP has recently acquired four properties along the Lake and now they are looking to lease out these houses.

"We have Greve's Tourist Camp, Grisley Cabin, Fox-Henderson Cabin, and the Moberly House," Glacier National Park Public Information Officer Gina Kerzman said ,"We would like to see them taken care of through a lease agreement."

These four previously privately owned properties have been acquired by the park over the years through auctions, estates, and purchases.

"They are homes in different levels of disrepair that will need some work done on them one of them include outbuildings a guest cottage so it varies what the properties contain," Kerzman said.

The park is open to working with individuals, non-profits, even other government entities. But they are in the early stages of planning and want to make sure folks are interested in these properties before they move forward.

"We are actually in the process of getting appraisals done on the properties and that is one of the steps that will have to take place before going into any formal agreements," Kerzman said.

Plus the park will be hosting site tours of all four properties this April. So if you want to see more than the pictures online you can sign up to see the houses in person.

The properties would be available for 10 to 60 year leases and any interested parties have to respond before June

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